Denby Halo Small Mug

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Featuring merging glazes, Halo is a stylish stoneware range that has been crafted at Denby Pottery. Using the highest-quality clay, Halo has been made to last. The Halo Small Mug is a statement tableware shape that will give a sophisticated edge to everyday teas and coffees.

The hardwearing glaze guarantees the longevity of the Mug, whilst the shape is both modern and timeless. The Halo Small Mug is perfect for coffee mornings and afternoon teas with friends.

•Made in England 
•Included in our 10 Year Guarantee 
•Expertly glazed to prevent chipping and enhance durability 
•Suitable for oven, microwave and freezer 
•Dishwasher safe 
•Capacity: 250mL



Weight: 270g, Length: 12.5cm, Width: 9.5cm, Depth: 8cm, Capacity: 310ml


Made in England.


Care and use:

Stoneware clay is very strong. It is fully vitrified (the surface is made glassy and non-porous) which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance.

It can be safely used in: Dishwasher - whilst Denby tableware is safe to use in a dishwasher, constant dishwashing may result in discolouration of product over time. We recommend using low temperatures and liquid detergents; Microwave – for cooking and reheating food. Please note: Using microwaves as a means of warming empty dinnerware can cause damage to both your dinnerware and microwave and is not recommended; Freezer – for storing food.

All pottery and china can crack if exposed to sudden changes in temperature, no matter how strong it is, so please don’t take items from the freezer and put them straight into the oven or microwave. Please do not expose to direct heat sources such as the hob or grill.