This world moves fast. But, you can choose to stop. In Ireland, we embrace slowness, subtlety and the senses; we listen, feel and touch the land around us. Take the muted simplicity, order and honesty of the Murmur design collection. And create your own quiet harmony.
Inspired by the beautiful Irish landscape, Murmur AW20 is a soft feminine collection, composed of subtle pattern and colours considered to unite with the natural world around us. Crafted from natural organic textures with subtle embroidery detailing. The soft patterns and soothing colour hues create an ambience that is both calm and inviting.
Creating the beautiful, comes from exploring and discovering. The creative team behind Murmur embarked on an inspiration trip along Strangford lough on the eastern side of Northern Ireland. Collecting, collating, painting and curating, exploring the wild rocky headlands and sheltered beaches, to the traditional stone build dwellings, mixed woodlands, wildlife and wildflowers. The journey along the rugged coastline guiding discovery and inspiration.

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