Denby Heritage Pavilion Cast Iron 26cm Round Casserole

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Brilliant for entertaining, batch cooking or for a larger family. Make more than just casseroles with this versatile pot, use to sauté vegetables, make soups or quick sauces. Denby Cast Iron is energy efficient - it heats up fast and stay hotter for longer, ideal for one pot fluffy rice dishes.

·         Suitable for all oven & hob types, including induction

·         Integrated basting rings to keep food deliciously succulent.

·         Tight fitting lids help to seal in the moisture for even cooking.

·         Tough, easy clean enamel surface, inside & out.

·         Easy Grip handles

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Lifetime Guarantee

·         Gift Boxed

·         In pack recipe booklet

·         Oven safe up to 250c/Gas Mark 9/ 482F


Width: 26cm, Length: 33cm, Height: Base: 12cm, with lid: 18cm, Weight: 6kg, Capacity: 5.2L


Care and use:

Suitable for use on all hobs (gas, electric, ceramic, glass, induction and halogen) and any type of oven, including Aga Stoves and open fires (and even barbecues!). When using on any glass stove tops, always follow the manufacturer’s guidance. Don’t drag pans across the glass.

Only blackened enamel surfaces i.e. griddle pans can be gently heated dry. Otherwise ensure appropriate cooking liquid is added before heating commences. Do not use a high heat to attain cooking temperature as this can overheat the dish.

Take care when handling if the dish is hot - always use an oven glove or mitt.

Cast iron is heavy, hard, and moderately brittle and may break if knocked or dropped.

Using an oversize heat source or allowing to boil dry will overheat the dish.

After use allow to cool before placing in water otherwise the dish may thermal shock and permanently damage the enamel coating.

Wash using soapy water and low-abrasive cleaning pads or brushes. Additional soaking may be required to remove food residues.

After cleaning, ensure fully dry and re- condition any blackened enamel surfaces with cooking oil to prevent going rusty. This includes the top rim of casseroles.

Store in dry conditions to avoid rust. Items stored for a long period should have paper towels put in them to absorb moisture.

This product is covered by our 10 year Denby Cookware Guarantee. Please click here for details.

This product is covered by Denby’s 10 year Cookware Guarantee.