Denby James Martin 3 Piece Carving Board Set

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From Denby, the Carving Knife, Fork and Board Set comprises of a responsibly sourced Acacia wood board with groove and corner well to collect & pour juices paired with High Carbon Stainless Steel Carving Knife & Fork for durability & strength.

Care & Use

We recommend hand washing with mild washing up liquid.

Always rinse after washing and dry thoroughly with a towel to prevent food or water marks.

Do not put in the dishwasher, as this could result in damage to the knife edges.

Before using for the first time, wash the knives in warm soapy water and dry.

Use knives on a wooden or nylon chopping board as marble, glass and ceramic boards can over a period of time, dull the blade.

Sharpen the knife little and often to maintain sharpness. Before sharpening wet the knife with oil for greater friction.

Always wipe carefully after sharpening, as tiny pieces of steel may remain on the blade.

Store knives safely upright in a Knife Block. Rest each knife on the back of the blade. This is both hygienic and ensures the blade will not become dulled. Ensure the knife is stored in the correct slot. Too short a slot may result in the tip of the blade curling.