Denby James Martin Gastro 4 Piece Ramekin Kit

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New to 2015, we've teamed up with award-winning British chef and restaurateur, James Martin to bring you a simple yet elegant 4 piece ceramic ramekin kit - a must- have when puddings are involved!

•Globally Sourced

•Dishwasher safe (see below care and use instructions)


•Dimensions - 8cm x 5.5cm

•Suitable for oven, microwave and freezer

•Dishwasher safe

We all love sharing sweet, sumptuous puddings, and the James Martin 4 piece Ramekin Kit was designed to make dessert-time sharing quick and stylish, with plenty of pudding for everyone.

From classic vanilla-infused crème brûlée to gooey chocolate soufflé, desserts can be baked, microwaved, frozen and eaten straight from these charming ramekins.

Crafted in a white ceramic to complement any table decor or party theme, the smooth sides of the shallow ramekins will help you reach the bottom of every dessert with ease.

In addition to desserts, our ramekin set is ideal for presenting snacks and nibbles to your guests before the main course - picture garlic and pimento stuffed olives, oven- baked vegetable crisps, and lashings of fruit chutneys, all served in matching ramekins on natural wood boards.


Care and use:

• All suitable for oven, microwave and freezer

• Dishwasher safe