Vileda DuActiva Broom

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The Vileda DuActiva uses the latest 2 in 1 technology. The broom has two different sides and two different functions which means twice the benefit! - The DuActiva broom brush won't leave anything behind. The bristles gather up dust and dirt even on uneven surfaces, and its unique foam layer creates a barrier to dust on smooth surfaces. This brush is perfect for a one-sweep clean on floors indoors without raising any dust.

·      2 in 1 anti-dust broom. - Combines 2 sweeping materials: Bristles on one side and electrostatic foam on the other

·      Gathers dirt and dust in one sweep, without raising dust

·      Recommended broom position depending on the floor type: - Tiles: bristles first. Wooden - Floors: foam first

·      Foam is easy to clean with water or a damp cloth